Enhancing The Look Of Diamond With Diamond Cut And Grading System

Diamond - a hard, precious, expensive stone.

In today’s diamond market round brilliant- cut diamond is the first choice of customers in the present era. The whole chunk of talents represents sparkling gems in today’s generation. The diamond cut comes in various sizes which have passed many variations in facet and designs.

The New System of Brilliant Diamond Cut

In 2005 the new grading system of raw round cut diamonds launched by GIA. These raw diamonds were implemented to symmetrical round cut with a regular 58 facets cut to modern standards.  This system made with long hard work and research testing different types of diamonds conducted by professional researchers.GIA is a system to assess design the quality of diamond cut with the modern style of modern preferences. This system assigns grades to the diamonds based on modern day parameters which are based on brightness, pattern, and style. The grades are assigned on the basis of five parameters Good, Very Good, Poor, Fair, and Excellent.

How the quality of diamond get affected by a diamond cut.7ac4411e0ff27f3152a9a09ec62a6c24

The carat weight of diamond has very strong effect on the prices of diamond which can increase and decrease its value. Diamond prices go high in case the quality of cut is high per carat and the wastage is more. Apart from that cost of labor goes high due to polishing is done by highly skilled people. It is very difficult to cut the diamond into the ideal piece in the real world because it is not a profitable business to do so. Nowadays the main reason the market is full of sub-par diamonds which are cut for reduction of weight not for enhancing its beauty.  There is still a demand for the diamond which is cut poorly because it suits the budget and need of the people.

The process of cutting and polishing

Diamond is the only material which is only cut by other diamond in the world. There is another option of Lasers which are only limited to bruiting process and cleaving which is done by diamond-bladed edges or discs. The whole process of cutting and polishing diamond is divided into five steps. These steps are inspecting, cleaving, bruting, polishing and planning.antique-diamonds-cuts

  1. 1. Planning – In this method planning is the first step of cutting diamonds. The cutter will plan out the complete and detailed strategy of cutting the diamond. This is done to reduce the wastage of time and energy of the cutter.
  2. Cleaving – This is the process in diamond are split into pieces separately. The cutter starts working on the individual process and gives them a unique look. In a case of the raw cutting help of sawing process is also taken.
  3. 3. Grilling – After splitting the raw diamond into pieces than in this process the shape of a round is given to the raw cuts.
  4. Polishing – After the splitting and giving round shapes to the diamond then polishing of diamond is done by spinning wheel. It creates the smooth surface on a diamond.
  5. Inspection – This is the last stage in which diamond is checked to make sure its shape meets the specifications set by the manufacturer.